Letter to readers

Dear friends/comrades,

Gretings from the Editorial team of Update Collective. Update Collective is an information source, a newsletter on people’s issues, struggles and movements from acros India. Update has been operational as a widely read newsletter for the last two decades. While the newsletter covers a particular struggle or movement in one ‘issue’, the Update Quarterly is a quarterly analytical journal containing detailed and academic analysis about issues that confront our country today!

Unfortunately, due to financial constraints, we have had very few issues of the Update Collective in the last couple of years. We are in a struggle to revive the newsletter as well as the Update Quarterly.

The latest (Sep ‘06) issue of Update on Uttaranchal dams with special focus on Tehri Dam’s so called accomplishments (both English and Hindi) is out.

Those who require the postal version (hard copy), kindly send us the required subscription fee of Rs. 150 (annual – for 12 issuesof update collective newsletter) and if you would like to subscribe for the journal Update Quarterly – add Rs 150/- for that separately and mention that behind your DD/cheque). Kindly also mention your language of preference, ie: either Hindi or English. Kindly make the DD/Cheque in favour of “Update Collective”, payable at New Delhi (only for Indian/NRI funds).

Kindly be informed that our new 7 member Editorial team has started its work for the publication and the next three issues are being worked-on. We assure you quality information regularly through the UC and UQ about people’s struggles and issues from across India.

In Solidarity,

Editorial Team

Name: Update Collective
Location: New Delhi, Delhi, India

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