Land Rights Struggles & New People’s Politics

Land rights struggles emerging across the country are taking new forms and dimensions to the extent that the struggle history and geography itself will get re-written and re-drawn. This is the new dawn in people’s politics in the sub-continent. Political analysts are bound to recognise this shift in pattern and trend.

As always, we feel it is the role and duty of Update Collective to bring these struggle stories to the readers and activists across. We do this with the hope that each one of you will engage with these issues and guide the public discourse on ‘Rights of marginalised communities and Affirmation of Natural Resources’. The trend is clear and sound. So far these communities were on the back-foot, resisting state atrocities and invasion into their resources, customs and traditions. Now being pushed against the wall, we see a new rising, of the poor and landless against a state that favours the corporates and landed elite – one that reclaims lost land and resources.

In this Update Collective, we focus on three such on going struggles- the Chengara land struggle in Kerala, the land struggle in Sonbhadra in Uttar Pradesh and the struggle in Ghateha of Rewa district Madhya Pradesh.

Also in this issue

  • People’s Statement against Displacement: Sangharsh 2007 Delhi Declaration of People’s Movements and Organisations, August 2007
  • News Updates:

1. The Fishworkers’ do or die agitation in Delhi in August 2007

2. The People’s Convention on Salwa Judum organized by the Campaign for Peace and Justice in Chhattisgarh in Delhi on 4th September 2007

Read the Hindi version of Update Collective’s September 2007 issue here

Read the English version of Update Collective’s September 2007 issue here




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