Dalit Arthik Adhikar Andolan

Agenda- to make visibility of non allocation of Scheduled caste sub plan The proportion of plan allocation earmarked for SCs is far below as per the proportion of Dalit population in the total population of the country. In the Union Budget 2007-08, out of Rs. 32,816 Crore meant for SCSP, SCs have been deprived of Rs. 20280 Crore. In each year a similar denial has been taking place for over 25 years. Similar is the case with the Scheduled Tribes in our country.

Proper allocation and utilization of this amount would have ensured that in this last 25 years, poverty would have been eradicated in our country — with a house, higher education, healthy environment, employment and land or source of livelihood to all those who are below poverty line!
We condemn this denial of right to development, right to budgetary share as citizens of this country!

Watch the video of the dharna below:


One thought on “Dalit Arthik Adhikar Andolan

  1. हरियाणा हिसार में मिर्चपुर हत्याकांड में किसी भी राष्ट्रीय दल ने कोई भी आन्दोलन नहीं चलाया एसा क्यों हुआ ।क्या हमेशा दलित एसे ही पिस्ता रहेगा

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