Siachen – End to an Impasse?

Siachen End to the Impasse

The long-standing Siachen dispute has taken a toll on both lives and relationships for India and Pakistan. The issue was discussed under the composite dialogue initiated by both nations. It is our belief that the issue can be resolved without affecting the security of both countries. The dossier on Siachen was prepared as a context-setter to the Roundtable, but its position surely is not limited to it. The effort is relevant keeping in mind that, compilations on this issue that bring together important points, key discussions and a chronology along with historical explanations of country positions are a rarity. In this interest, we have reworked on the original th dossier since the roundtable, adding the RT report, the declaration from the August 14 RT and some additional articles that have appeared on the issue since then. This work also attempts at bringing together diverse writings that have appeared in mainstream journals and media regarding the conflict, especially since its violent and war-like turn since 1984. While writings on the subject are plenty, with many scholars even doing their doctoral thesis on the diverse aspects around the issue, it was not easy to pick pieces for such a compilation.