Fishing in Troubled Waters – The turmoil of fisher people caught between India and Pakistan

Fishing in Troubled Waters

The issue of fishworkers arrests between India and Pakistan by the Maritime Security Agency (MSA) of Pakistan and the Indian Coast Guard dates back to the Independence of Pakistan and India. However, the intensity or the number of people arrested has mostly been on the rise and by the late 1990s, it was alarmingly high. this compilation covers the contemporary history of intense efforts of the last four years in getting the fishworkers release from the other country’s jails as well as creating a mechanism for permanent release of fishermen. it aims at covering the issues faced by fishermen of India and Pakistan and includes a section comprising of a timeline of efforts made by groups of activists from both sides. It also gives a glimpse of significant dialogue processes between activists and governments of two countries that they have led to. The latter part of the publication comprises a collection of articles.