Guftagu Hindi

In 2012, the National Forum for Forest People and Forest Workers (NFFPFW) decided to  convert the Forum to a national level Trade Union. The idea for a publication which aimed at giving an account of the lives, livelihood, struggles and political analyses of the movement through group discussions and interviews with people within the movement emerged at that point. The idea was to put together compilations of movement histories through ‘plural narrations’,

Guftagu is an attempt to weave together the various threads of the forest movement through these interviews where in they have reflected on the ways in which they have chalked out a path for themselves, that addresses the key issues of ‘Development’ and have put forward their views from the perspective of a visionary community based understanding of what ‘development with dignity’ means for the struggling masses.

It is an effort done with a limited set of interviews and compilations meant for the purpose of the Puri Conference in June 2013 but the work is on, to make it into a final publication with a lot more interviews.