Issue no.1The Silicosis Struggle marches on… [Hindi] [English]


Issue no. 2Urban Renewal and the Illegalisation of Poor [ Hindi] [English]

Issue no. 1Land Rights Struggles and New People’s Politics [Hindi] [English]


Issue no. 3 – 10,000 Fishermen Deprived of Livelihood in Jambudwip [English]

Issue no. 2 – Protectors turn Predators : The Tragedy of Adivasis in Nagarnaar [English]

Issue no. 1 – Chasing The Devil: Kerala Fishworkers’ Struggle for Justice [English]


Issue no. 8 – Mining Laws vs Public Hearing [English]

Issue no. 7Privatisation, Globalisation and WTO [English]

Issue no. 6Caste Discrimination Dalits II [English]

Issue no. 5Caste Discrimination Dalits I [English]

Issue no. 4Ask What Adivasis in the Vth Scheduled Area Say! [English]

Issue no. 3GHARAT: The wheel of life [English]

Issue no. 2 Take our life, but never our land [English]

Issue no. 1A special issue on Coal [English]


Issue no. 6The Issue of Polluting Industries and the Politics of Relocation [English]

Issue no. 5The making of Uttrakhand State [English]

Issue no. 4The New Jharkhand State, Will the Dreams of the Adivasis comes true [English]

Issue no. 3Brutal attacks on the Dalits of Gujarat [English]

Issue no. 2Dams and the damned, the Maheshwar struggle [English]

Issue no. 125 years after ‘Emergency’ and the State of India’s Democracy [English]


Issue no. 2 An Activist’s Account [English]

Issue no. 1Mega Dams and the World Commission on Dams [English]


Issue no. 3Why would Handloom Weavers commit suicide? [English]

Issue no. 2 Update on Singrauli [English]

Issue no. 1BJP’s “Nationalism” and Revised Exim Policy [English]